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2013 Ritte van Vlaanderen Vlaanderen Road


Sports Garage in Boulder, Colorado is one of the newest Ritte van Vlaanderen dealers and they’ve got a gorgeous 2013 Vlaanderen sitting in the shop, ready to be drooled on. Luckily, that lush green carpet will soak your drool right up.

The all new Vlaanderen is light, stiff and well-balanced. It’s made from the highest quality, high-modulus Toray uni-directional carbon, features a BB30 bottom bracket and massive chain stays for power transfer, and a tapered 1.125″ to 1.25″ head tube for precise handling and an integrated seat mast to convey all those good road sensations straight to the rider. It is designed to be a good all-around race rig: as comfortable on day-long rides is it is confident in hectic criteriums. Take it down a high-speed descent and you’ll really see where the Vlaanderen is a true stand-out; its rigid front and rear end allow it to trace a perfect arc around turns.

All this beef, and yet weight weenies can be be happy too: Frames with uncut seat mast weigh between 900g-1100g (Size XS – XXL), the fork with uncut steerer weighs a scant 350g. Bolt on nice components and a pair of racing wheels and it easily approaches 14 pounds.

The top tube is now completely flat on top, oval underneath and wider at the head tube and seat tube junction, which helps resist torsional flex at both the head and seat tube.. The seat stays are now flatter, and slightly wider and thinner to create a bit more give vertically but stiffness horizontally. They connect to the seat tube via a very strong box-shaped structural member, allowing the whole rear end to be more responsive. The rear brake bridge has been raised to easily accommodate 25mm tires.

The 2013 Vlaanderen is available in 2 colors: Belgian Blue and Euro White.