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A Look at the 2013 Orbea Ordu GDi2


The Orbea Ordu has been completely re-designed to improve rider performance against the clock. With an eye towards greater speed, its aero efficiency was the paramount design factor, and Orbea’s wind tunnel testing proves it to be faster than its predecessor at all yaw angles. For the same reasons, the geometry has been modified for better fit, and the carbon fiber layup and tube shapes ensure optimum power transfer. Orbea says that it’s undoubtedly the perfect race weapon if you want to excel and win.

Lot’s of clean lines on the new Orbea Ordu.

The front end of the bike is the rather clean. There’es just one visible cable.

The highly adjustable stem is a key feature of the new Orbea Ordu.

This line reminds us of the Look 596.

Is this another ever-so-popular camtail design?

Looking at the bike from the back shows how clean the updated Orbea Ordu is.

The seat post is rather easy to adjust with the readily available screw.

The brakes have moved to under the bottom bracket, leaving this area clean so that wind can easily flow area the bike.

Here’s the new location of the integrated brakes.

This is where the battery lives.