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ANT Bikes Copper and Wood


ANT Bikes craftsman Mike Flanigan is responsible for this intriguing copper and wood commuter. Flanigan says that he has embarked on a journey “to re-invent the “Roadster” style bike that is a conglomeration of Dutch, French and English style commuter bicycles, but built with American craftsmanship and with modern techniques and components.” He adds that they aim to create a rugged bike “with fattish tires and equipped with all the accouterments that you will need to travel comfortably, safely and to be able to carry the things that you need.”

The copper and wood bike was built specifically for show and unfortunately isn’t actually rideable. It is still a commendable work of art that includes features such as copper-plated hubs, bars, stem, lugs, and fork—in addition to hand cut pedals which have also been copper plated. The bike is completely with a Brooks saddle and wooden grips.