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Armstrong cites US Postal marketing success in legal fight


Lance Armstrong’s legal team released studies conducted by the US Postal Service saying the US government sponsorship of his Tour de France team produced a triple return on investment.

Armstrong attorney Robert Luskin said in a statement released Friday that the Postal Service reaped huge benefits from its cycling sponsor deal.

“The Postal’s Service’s own studies show that the Service benefited tremendously from its sponsorship — benefits totaling more than $100 million,” Luskin said.

Armstrong’s camp released sponsorship evaluations from 2001, 2002 and 2004 that attempted to place a monetary value on the exposure benefits to US Postal at that time.

The studies claimed that for $32.276 million spent by US Postal from 2001-2004, there was $103.636 million in publicity benefits with never less than a 300 percent return in investment in any year of the sponsorship.