# Gear

LightSKIN LED Seatpost


The LightSKIN seatpost is a must-have for all commuters and bicycle connoisseurs because it combines an elegant design with smart functionality. The seatpost has five super bright LED lights integrated into it, making it a taillight for bicycles.

Compared to existing taillights that are attached externally, LightSKIN has numerous advantages. First of all, without protruding parts, it has little risk of being damaged. Additionally, whereas the existing tail lights are susceptible to theft because they are easily spotted, LightSKIN enjoys a low possibility of being stolen. Adoption of the LED circuit self-invented in South Korea and use of AA batteries further guarantee superior performance. Because of the silicon water-proof pad and patent-pending, unique internal structure, the resistance to damage by water is excellent. Also, LightSKIN’s simple design doesn’t protrude externally, harmonizing with the overall design of a bicycle and providing the utmost satisfaction with the design.

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