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Spin Light Bike by Het Fairwheel Podium


The world’s lightest bike is a collaboration among many companies around the world, with each contributing one-of-a-kind custom pieces to the project, and all designed with a singular purpose — to be light.  This bicycle is one the most jovial bikes to have on the floor at Het Fairwheel Podium.

The bike itself has a storied past but currently belongs to the 43 bikes collection after originally being built in Germany by Günter Mai. The project under Mai was constantly evolving, but you can take a quick look at VeloNews for an idea of the original build.  Upon arriving in the United States, the Spin bike was shipped to Fairwheel Bikes for some modifications before its appearance at Interbike 2010.

The final weight of the bike, as pictured, is 2.97kg (6.55lbs).