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Strava: The Last Place Armstrong Can Race


In last months interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong spoke about his systematic doping program and rampant bulliyng of those who tried to take him down. The disgraced cyclist said in the interview that he absolutely loves to compete and not being able to let his competitive side out is one of the most difficult aspects of being banned.

Armstrong has had all of his past and future competition taken away from him. He’s been left with just one place to race: Strava. His presence on Strava is interesting. His biography simply states: “According to my rivals, peers, and teammates I won the Tour de France 7 times.”

The former cyclist has been absent from Twitter and other social networks since his Oprah appearance, but has continued uploading workouts to Strava.

Not Everyone Wants Him on Strava

Strava is the only place where the banned cyclist has an opportunity to race and a group of users want to take that away from him.

“Strava owes it to its community of clean athletes to adopt a general policy for doping violators, and in the meantime, strip Lance of his ill-deserved KOMs, and ban him from its service.” Strava user Jacob Berkman wrote in an October 2012 entry on his blog.

“I really don’t think guys who are serving doping suspensions should be on Strava either,” Phipps said in a phone interview with Bloomberg. “They’re known cheaters. You assume everybody on Strava is being honest. If they’re serving a suspension, they need to go away and have a low profile.”

However, not everybody wishes to take away the last place Armstrong can race.

Penn Henderson is a 40-year-old marketing professional from Hawaii who is one of the few people to have put up faster times than Armstrong. The pair often swapped King of the Mountain (KOM) titles over the summer and Henderson says its driven him to push his limits to even post faster times.

“We’ve never met,” Henderson said to Bloomberg. “I would just see him riding past me in the other direction. It’s not like he’s making money from his Strava KOMs. Personally, I’d be bummed if Strava kicked him off. Where does that stop?”

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