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The Faggin Primavera Italian Leather Wrapped Fixed Gear


Faggin is a small frame building company located in the Italian city of Padova. While Faggin has recently expanded their range to include carbon fiber frames, the core of their brand remains with their stunning handcrafted steel creations.

Since Marcello Faggin set up his workshop in 1945, his firm has become famous throughout the professional cycling world, thanks to his precise, gorgeous and durable frames. A new generation of Faggin bikes is being ushered in by Marcello’s daughters Maria Rosa, Gianna, Carla and Cristina. They’ve all helped their father in the frames’ production, brazing and welding since they were 15 years old. They officially became members of the Northern Italian brand in the 1970s and immediately began improving the bikes by combining antique qualities with modern innovative ideas.

The Primevera, pictured here, is the epitome of the new meets old mentality that the brand now harnesses. It has all of the features of a classic Italian handmade bike, but has been wrapped in beautiful brown leather to give it a slight modern twist.

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