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The UBC Coren


UBC has a long history of carbon fiber component production for companies such as Bugatti, Audi, Porsche, and Formula 1 teams. The expert carbon fiber craftsmen decided it was time to put their engineering skills to work in new sector by creating the ultimate versatile urban bicycle.

Ulf Bräutigam, the CEO of UBC explained, “The constraints of design and marketing were completely disregarded during the Coren’s development. Our aim was to create a bike that no one can imitate because no one would dare. Mission accomplished.”

UBC turned to industrial designer Christian Zanzotti to bring the idea to life. Zanzotti returned from the drawing board with a design that he called the Coren and described how “In Old English, the word coren meant “precious” or “chosen” – so it is a very apt name for this exclusive product.”

The design that Zanzotti created was not easy to execute because the design is challenging both in terms of engineering and manufacture. Luckily, the engineers at UBC have mastered both of these things and the challenge was easy to overcome with their expertise. With the Coren, they explored the boundaries of what is technically feasible and can now present “the world’s most ground-breaking bike.”

Sebastion Wegerle, product and marketing manager, was proud to outline how, “Everything is done under one roof: design, development, construction, production of the aluminium moulds, cutting the individual carbon fibre layers, laminating the frame elements, baking, joining, quality assurance and assembly. Every frame requires about 40 hours of manual labour.”

One frame takes around 40 hours to produce and comes with a hefty price tag of €25,000, or approximately $32,500USD.

You can learn more on the UBC Coren website.